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Our Seasonal Favourites
With Christmas a seemingly distant memory and the buzz of New Year quietening down, the looming winter months can seem, dare we say it, a little gloomy. Endless cups of tea, roaring fires and Googling sunnier climes are all popular coping mechanisms against the chilly dark days, but it might not surprise you to find out that flowers are a big part of our January blues remedy. Varieties that bloom between December and March make up some of our top favourites, and you will almost certainly see them pop up in our bouquets over the coming months.


A firm favourite, we’re always more than a little excited for anemones to start appearing at the very start of winter. The velvety-centred stem is somewhat of an oxymoron, bold and delicate in equal measures. Available in vibrant jewel tones of violet and ruby as well as softer icy, pastel hues, you’ll be sure to spot them in McQueens bouquets and displays throughout the winter season.
Anemones - a firm McQueens favourite

It’s not tricky to see why the ranunculus has earned its coveted position as such a McQueens staple. The multi-layered petticoat of petals forms the prettiest of shapes, with each variety offering a distinctive but sweet quality, from the slightly larger Cloni to the frilly Cappuccino. The perfect winter wedding flower is handily available in a spectrum of palettes, so whether you’re creating a dreamy pastel theme or plumping for the hypnotic, darker tones of the season, there’s a ranunculus to suit.
Layered prettiness

Ah, the exquisite hellebore. This delicate winter rose captures the ethereal essence of the season, otherworldly in its silhouette and muted in shades of plum, white and green. We particularly love this flower en masse for a simple table setting, or nestled amongst other subtle and dainty friends such as snowdrops and muscari.
The ethereal winter rose

Adorable muscari, or grape hyacinth as it’s commonly known, often evokes thoughts of early spring, but its availability from late November make it a winner for brightening winter displays. We’re particularly fond of the punchy violet stems, whispering their promises of spring.
Sweet muscari

Hurrah! These old favourites begin to make an appearance as early as November, and of course are available right through the spring. Numerous in varieties that range right across the colour spectrum, we love the diversity of the tulip. Do not underestimate the beauty this simple stem can bring to a design (don’t forget they’ve been depicted in art for centuries). So whether it’s the elegance of the French variety, or the eye-catching frills of the Parrot version, tulips always tick our boxes.
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