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Seasonal Favourites


Photo - Rowan Spray for McQueens Flowers
It may come as no surprise that beautiful blooms are celebrated every day at McQueens Flowers. You will often hear sharp intakes of breath and utterings of admiration echoing around the workshop - whether it’s at the delicate charm of an Icelandic Poppy or the season’s first blousy peony. The current variety firmly under our radar is late winter-to-spring hero, the tulip.

Numerous in their varieties - tulips, perhaps surprisingly vary hugely in their shape, size and silhouette. Here we share a diverse collection of some that have captured our attention - and imaginations.
Photo - Rowan Spray for McQueens Flowers
Photo - Duncan McCabe for McQueens Flowers
The Parrot Tulip

The beguiling Parrot variety bucks the notion of a traditional tulip-oval shape. The feathery petals contort - whilst the stems arch and turn, making them the perfect ingredient for a fluid and free Dutch Masters inspired arrangement.
Photo - Rowan Spray for McQueens Flowers
Photo - Rowan Spray for McQueens Flowers
Fringed Tulips

So unusual at first sight they almost don't appear real - the Fringed Tulip may be delicate, but it makes a statement. The gently frayed edges look sensational en masse and particularly sweet in pastel shades.
Photo - Duncan McCabe for McQueens Flowers
Photo - Duncan McCabe for McQueens Flowers
The Double Tulip

During early spring months, the anticipation for the iconic peony reaches fever pitch. All hail then, the feathery double tulip which succeeds in matching the fluffiness (albeit smaller version) of the darling peony - making it an equally beautiful substitute.
Photo - Rowan Spray for McQueens Flowers
The Lily Tulips

These proud, fluted beauties stand tall in warm, colourful shades. From a bird's eye perspective marvel at the starburst formation - a particular favourite is the Yonina variety whose cerise petals graduate into an almost indigo centre.

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