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Seasonal Gems

Our Favourite Spring Flowers

Fritillaria Imperialis
There is something magical about spring’s flower bounty. Perhaps it is because they are the first bursts of colour against winter’s gloom, or the fleeting windows of availability that make the rarest of blooms all the more cherished! From cheerful tulips and fluffy-headed mimosa to sweetly scented lilac and radiant daffs, they all hold a special place in our hearts. Read on to discover the seasonal stems that our team can't get enough of at this time of year.


"My all-time favourite has to be tulips, as I love to watch them change shape, grow and do their own thing, and then Daffodils as they always surprise me with how many different varieties and colours there are!" - Rodney, Client Relationship Manager

"I love tulips, they always make me smile and feel positive. They are cheerful and pleasing to look at and I particularly love the different stem shapes when they grow and follow the light." - Mariko, Lead Creative


"My favourite is Narcissus. I Love the Greek myth of narcissus, their scent, the fields of yellow daffs in all the parks, the endlessness in variety of shape and colour and size, and they’re the first ones up, a true sign of spring." - Hamish, Florist
Apricot French Tulips
Narcissus Spray Geranium

"My favourite has to be the bluebell. It is one of my mum’s favourites and makes up part of the first tattoo I’ve ever got of a bluebell with a butterfly on it, to celebrate my mum and her love for them. " - Lee, COO

"I love all the spring fleurs! I guess my favourite has to be bluebells, that colour, the magic of a bluebell wood, sublime, you can just leave me there! I’m also an addict for paper whites, and all daffodillies, such a joyous sight after the winter gloom. They remind me of my island home where they used to grow them commercially, then when it was no longer viable, the fields were left to do their own thing and you could run through the rows as a child, or adult(!), and lastly, I want to sneak in Snake’s Head Fritillary, so strange and perfect and rare, like precious little bells." - Alison, Lead Creative


"I love the heady scent of lilac in the spring. The way the beautiful clouds of softly coloured blooms bounce about its like they’re as excited for spring as we are." - Ele, Florist

"One of my favourites has to be Lilac. We have a lilac tree in the garden of my family home, framing the fish pond. Every year when it blooms, it attracts so many butterflies in all colours, shapes and sizes. I used to try and catch them when I was younger (to little success!) and it always reminds me of that. Another one is bluebells. In our local woods, there’s a secret glade where masses of bluebells seem to appear overnight. My granny used to tell me stories of how fairies lived in the bluebells, and how you should never trample them. To this day, I will always stick to the path!" - Rose, Operations Administrator

"One of my favourite spring flowers, apart from the obvious tulips, is fritillaria, which is quite a varied species. From short to tall stems and varied in colours too - bright in yellow, light green or orange or more subtle in dark tones, patterned (snakes head) or simply white. My favourite is fritillaria imperialis, a real show stopper. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, it makes no excuse! It has movement and will change directions over the space of a week." - Christophe, School Tutor


"My favourite spring flower would have to be anemones; I think they are just absolute perfection! They are such a bold flower, but so elegant and pretty at the same time! I love seeing all the beautiful colours and shades that are available." - Megan, Florist
Fritillaria Imperialis
Anemone Mistral blue

"Forsythia, it’s usually the first thing to bloom in the garden and sign that spring’s finally here." - Julie, Operations Manager


"Mimosa - because yellow is my favorite color." - Emily, Creative Director
Yellow Forsythia

"Tulips, narcissi, fritillaries... Any spring bulb is a winner in my eyes. I have a few pots of planted hyacinths around the house so you could say it's a favourite - I love the scent, and the really beautiful apricot, pink and purply-blue hues they come in. As a cut flower I really enjoy how they can add scent and unusual texture to a bouquet, and you can't beat a giant bunch of them displayed on masse - simple, striking and synonymous with spring." - Selina, Content Manager
Snake's Head Fritillaria
Peach Hyacinth

Our Favourite Spring Flowers

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