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One Day Masterclass
The Best Day Ever
We are delighted to welcome flower lovers from all walks of life into our school and although they all have one thing in common - a love or an appreciation of flowers, each student has a different story and reason they attend. The McQueens Flower School Four Week Vocational Course attracts many serious-minded flower fans that plan to work within the flower industry or related fields. Our One Day Masterclass attracts a different crowd, where curiosity and the desire for a fun day out collide.

Our knowledgeable school team are all accomplished florists with an unrivaled love for floral design - offering students guidance throughout under the watchful Principal tutor Sophie Powell. We spoke to a selection of our students from a recent One Day Masterclass to find out why they chose McQueens Flower School and what they thought of the class experience.
Scarlette 'I feel very calm when I am arranging flowers'

"I've always been interested in flowers, my family all love flowers, especially my mum - she decorates the house with flowers every week! I was inspired by her appreciation and I wanted to learn more about the techniques. (The class) was really interesting and very rewarding. I learned so much - both teachers were so patient and they were very willing to help us out with lots of support. They gave detailed instructions throughout the process. I would highly recommend the course to my friends. I am currently studying at University and have enjoyed this break from the pressures of academic work...I feel very calm when I am arranging flowers!"
Amy 'It's been such a wonderful day and our teachers Sophie and Andrea have been great fun'

"McQueens is just such an aspirational brand. I consider it to be one of the top florists in London so you know you are in good hands. I have always loved flowers and botany as well. I grew up in the Midlands and it was quite rural, I think plants are where my love of nature came from for me. My mum’s garden was always amazing and I used to play in the greenhouse and loved getting my hands dirty. I am a retail manager, I compare working with flowers to visual merchandising - it's about placement, negative space. I find it fascinating. Floristry is something I would definitely like to explore, it feels like a dream job. Learning about the basic skills and understanding how to maintain the flowers so that they last longer has been great. But above and beyond that it's been such a wonderful day and our teachers Sophie and Andrea have been great fun!"
Sian 'I like that it wasn’t formulaic like painting by numbers. It was great to allow the displays be organically arranged.'

"I just love everything about flowers and I want to learn more and I am so pleased I chose McQueens. I grew up in the countryside so I think there's something special about walking down country lanes and being surrounded by flowers. My mum used to teach me all the different types of flowers like wild garden roses, foxgloves and wild grasses so I share the love of flowers with my mum. I have such wonderful memories growing up! The thing I have loved most about today's class is freedom. The teachers did great demonstrations and they gave lots of support but I liked that they floated around and allowed us to experiment. They were on hand if you wanted any advice or help but it was wonderful to have some creative freedom with a little guidance you along the way. I like that it wasn’t formulaic like painting by numbers. It was great to allow the displays be organically arranged. I have loved learning the more technical aspects too."
Stephanie 'I have learnt so much today and I want to learn more. I’ll definitely be back!'

"I've always had an interest in floristry and I've tried arranging flowers at home. I researched YouTube videos but you can't really replicate being in a classroom setting with experienced teachers, which is why I chose McQueens. I actually looked at a variety of floristry courses and I chose McQueens because it is so well established in London and I knew the quality would be great. I wanted to learn the more contemporary styles not keen on the more traditional styles. For me, this is purely a hobby and it's a lot to do with relaxation, self-care and enjoyment. I loved that we had the chance to add our own personality to the designs. We had a great demonstration at the start of each session to show the techniques and what works in term of balance and shape. But I did get my own creative licence to add more with foliage and create a wild-looking style. I am considering doing the week course. But having never done like a formal class, I thought I'll start with the one day class to see find out what more about the school. I have learnt so much today and I want to learn more. I’ll definitely be back!"

Our one-day classes are sprinkled throughout the season and each celebrates the best flowers at that time of year. Our Christmas classes are guaranteed to be much in demand this year. We would love you to join us and celebrate with the team.

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McQueens Flower School is based in the heart of East London with direct transport links to Liverpool Street Station, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street Underground stations.
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