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McQueens Flower School x
Carlota Flower Lab
All the way back in September 2018, McQueens Flower School Principal, Sophie Powell and McQueens Flowers all-rounder, Andrea Bassoli headed to Mexico to host a week-long flower school. The team were delighted to discover many students had travelled from all over South America to attend the course - and came away with many happy memories of their Mexican adventure. The pair are excited to be returning to the flower-loving country this September (19 - 21), this time in collaboration with new flower brand Carlota Flower Lab.
Prim House - where the workshops are taking place
Carlota is the brain-child of Mexican couple, Paola Mendoza and Rolando Torres. Paola redirected her career as a graphic designer towards floristry, having been inspired by her grandmother’s (Carlota) adoration for flowers. Joining her, husband, Rolando, and they began their floristry dreams by studying in Centro de Arte floral in Mexico City for 2 years lead by, Leopoldo Gómez and Bogar Marin (they still remain mentors to Paola and Rolando), followed by a stint at Flower School New York with Calvert Crary and Oscar Mora.

Paola and Rolando's floral dreams came into fruition in 2016, and in 2018 the couple hosted their first programme of workshops under the new Carlota Flower Lab name. That same year, on their honeymoon in London, Paola and Rolando enrolled with McQueens Flower School - where they met principal Sophie Powell and struck up a bond over floristry education.
Carlota Flower Lab founders, Paola and Rolando
Students at Carlota Flower Lab
Fast forward 18 months and McQueens Flower School is preparing to host a 3-day workshop with Carlota Flower Lab in Mexico City. The aim; to inspire those looking to pursue a new avenue and creative path. Set within the city’s historic Proyecto Publico Prim House - built in 1900, a significant time in Mexico City’s history. The beautiful building was formerly known as ‘EL Portfiriato’ named after the president at the time, Porfirio Diaz. Today, thanks to the charming architecture it’s been a popular venue wuth Vogue, Netflix and Airbnb.

The exciting floral programme consists of an informative conference followed by hands-on, practical workshops focusing on hand-tied bouquets, large installations and inspirational table styling concepts.
McQueens Flower School Principal, Sophie Powell (Photo - Rowan Spray)
McQueens Flower School tutor, Andrea
To book and find out more information about the McQueens Flower School x Carlota Flower Lab, contact Carlota Flower Lab via Instagram
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