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In season
The signals of Spring are joyous and plentiful – bright mornings, longer days, the promise of warmer weather on the horizon. But perhaps the most universally popular sign of new life is nature’s very own confetti – blossom. A springtime emblem (we’re sure your social feeds are awash with the stuff), and for good reason too. The white (and pink) snow is, albeit fleeting, a breathtaking sight to behold. Up and down the country, from parks to back gardens, playgrounds to hedgerows, they’re all reveling in the arrival of floral candy-floss. The petite flower doesn’t just gloriously announce the season – it hints at the promise of delicious fruits and flowers to come
Ornamental Double Cherry Blossom is a firm favourite
McQueens always hotly anticipates the return of blossom season
It may not surprise you to find out that McQueens is filled with green-fingered gardeners - none more so than our resident botanical enthusiast, Michi Kanatschnig, McQueens Senior Florist and Operations Manager. Extolling her love for all things blossom Michi enthuses -

“The first available blossom is quince, appearing as early as January. It is soon followed by a multitude of Prunus; cherry and peach appearing in a variety of pinks, whites, and creams. Undoubtedly a highlight is double cherry; this is fluffier due to the extra layer of petals and is coming into season at this very moment. Make the most of these beautiful blossoms – the season can be short-lived and weather dependent. Once upon a time, blossom was associated with the month of May, but now it’s available from March to April, so enjoy it while you can!”
Wild Ornamental Prunus
Upon a recent foraging trip, Michi made some interesting new discoveries, divulging -

“I had the opportunity to go on a trip with Forage London. Whilst we explored the delights of Hampstead Heath, I was advised to try tasting the petals of Prunus Spinosa. Spirit lovers and botanists will know that the dainty blossom will produce the much-loved sloe berry in autumn – so delicious when added to gin – but even the petals have an interesting taste. I was fascinated to learn that dried petals of certain magnolia varieties have a distinctive gingery taste, too.”
A Cherry Blossom installation at the exquisite Belmond Cadagon Hotel
Blossom fever annually sweeps throughout McQueens around now. Spellbound by the beautiful boughs, our designers relish in reflecting the seasons through their creations, from the weekly hotel and restaurant displays to installations for events and parties.

Over at McQueens Flower School, their reputation for innovation was recently reaffirmed with a magnificent installation inspired by the delicate and whimsical blossom branch - powder and hot pink-hued sweet peas strewn over boughs to give an impactful blossom-like effect. Led by school principal Sophie Powell, the vocational course students worked together to execute the ethereal cloud-like structure, suspended over a beautiful banquet setting.
Vocational Course students working on their masterpiece
McQueens Flower School Principal, Sophie Powell setting the scene
You can find more McQueens blossom designs over on Instagram- as well as many other seasonal gems.
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