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Meet Our People

Accounts Assistant, Celia Nascimento, London

Accounts Assistant, Celia Nascimento
Every fortnight we invite you to take a peek behind the scenes at McQueens Flowers and meet the people who form the fabric of who we are, and what we create. Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to our London-based Accounts Assistant, Celia Nascimento.

How did you get into your role as Accounts Assistant, Celia?

It was actually my GCSE math teacher who suggested I pursue it as a career. After leaving school I enrolled into a college Accountancy course and interned at various companies, before applying at McQueens Flowers to experience working in a different field. Before long, I was offered the role of Accounts Assistant and that’s what I continue to do today, part-time, while I complete a Diploma in Accountancy.

Was there much difference between McQueens and the previous firms that you’ve worked in?

Yes, absolutely. Although the day-to-day responsibilities are similar, the environment is vastly different from your average accountancy firm. Everyone is up and on their feet for a start! The atmosphere is lively and creative, there’s always something new to see in the workshop and you’re surrounded by the most beautiful flowers… It’s very far removed from a corporate office.

What does your day to day typically look like?

It’s quite varied, to be honest. In one day, I might be assisting with the management accounts, invoicing processing and liaising with external accountants, and other days I will be working with our florists and their clients or suppliers… No two days are the same and I really like that, there’s never a dull moment.

Have you ever been tempted to try floristry yourself!

Tempted, but I think I’ll stick to Accounts! I do really enjoy seeing everything that gets made though, some of the designs that the teams create are breathtaking – it’s an amazing thing to witness.

What have been some of your favourite designs?

I always really enjoy seeing what’s being made for the hotel contracts such as the Mandarin Oriental, or Claridge’s for example – it’s also really interesting to see them transition from a collection of beautiful designs in the workshop, to seeing them in situ, in their full glory (usually via Instagram). I remember one design in particular that really stuck in my mind, it was a giant floral mannequin that was installed in German Gymnasium, that was really spectacular.
The McQueens Flowers Amour Bouquet
The McQueens Mannequin Installation at the German Gymnasium
Do you have a favourite flower?

Not really (they’re all so beautiful!) but I love a single flower bouquet. If someone gave me the ‘Amour’ I would not complain.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I’m working towards becoming a chartered accountant, that’s my dream, I’d love to one day have my own clients and manage my own practice.

If you weren’t in Accountancy, what would you be doing?

I think I’d be a chef! I love cooking and I’m always experimenting with different dishes at home, I feel like I’d quite enjoy the fast-paced environment of a working kitchen, too.

Accounts Assistant, Celia Nascimento, London

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