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The Anemone

A Love Story

This Valentine’s we’re thrilled to present the blushing Adèle bouquet - a creation layered in love stories that weave throughout McQueens Flowers and champagne house, Perrier-Jouët.
The Adèle Champagne Set
Our fondness for Anemones goes right back to the founder of McQueens Flowers, Kally Ellis - for they are her favourite flower, and quickly became a floral feature of our work. Her love of them is infectious, and they are loved by the whole team to such an extent that they have become woven into our DNA. The Anemone’s arrival in November is eagerly awaited, and you’ll see them incorporated into everything from hand-crafted bridal bouquets to large-scale floral art installations. Such is their importance to McQueens Flowers, you’ll find them subtly embossed into our packaging, gilded on our stationery and even on the outside of our headquarters.
The captivating draw of this delicate specimen begins with the beguiling, undulating stem - adding fluidity to an arrangement’s silhouette. Crêpe paper like in their fragility, the Anemone’s petals encase a hypnotic, midnight sky hued centre - the spectrum of colours range from crimson red to intense indigo but it’s the softest of blush pinks that exude a timeless romance.

Coincidentally this stem holds equal significance for our champagne partners, Perrier-Jouët. In 1902, Maison Perrier-Jouët commissioned renowned Art Nouveau artist, Emile Galle to embellish their bottles with his signature glass-work. Inspired by the floral nature of the maisons sparkling wines - he enamelled exquisite Japanese anemones onto the bottle. Today this floral masterpiece is emblematic of the Maison.
Not only has our new Valentine’s ‘Adèle’ bouquet been inspired by our shared love for this incredibly romantic of bloom - pays tribute to a real-life romance. Maison Perrier-Jouët was founded 200 years ago by young newlyweds Rose “Adèle” Adelaide Jouët and Pierre-Nicolas Perrier . This free-spirited couple were bound by a mutual love for art, and nature - passions they instilled into their new champagne house from the onset. Naturally, we have paired the ethereal Adèle bouquet with Perrier-Jouët Blason Rose - a blushing masterpiece (and swoon-worthy Valentine’s gift.)

A Love Story

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