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A Fond Goodbye

In the flower world, we always await the peony season with eager anticipation. Needless to say, we were poised and peony-ready to maximise our time with this perennial favourite here at McQueens HQ when the first batch became available. Traditionally, peonies enjoy just a short season from May to July, but as they have gained in popularity over recent years, the season has stretched due to popular demand. Although they are available for a longer period of time now, the quality and vitality of the flower remain at their peak during late spring into early summer. The peony flower is a marker of high spring, a lady-in-waiting for summer and a mainstay of many chic and influential Instagram accounts bursting full of these frilly sensations.
An artists favourite. Peony have been depicted throughout history
The ubiquitous specimen is feted across the land for its remarkable flower formation. From zero to hero, its remarkable journey from a tight and unappealing bud to a resplendent beauty is a huge part of its appeal. Hold on to them for long enough and you will be rewarded by the full and resplendent glory. Keep them in a vase after this magnificent stage and they'll share their ultimate reveal by bursting into a mountain of confetti, the finale of a remarkable journey. It’s the full and joyous circle of life in a one-week window that nails its reputation as one of the world’s most fabulous flowers!

All good things must come to an end though, and as the peony season draws to a close, McQueens shop manager Sara shared her insights into her favourite summer flower.
From zero to hero the transformation of the flower is remarkable
Deep burgundy peonies such as 'Red Charm' are a fabulous alternative to pink
'Next to a rose, the peony is the most requested flower throughout the year despite its short season. I always look forward to seeing them arrive but I’m not a fan of seeing them beyond the summer: it is possible to get imported peony in November and December but that doesn’t seem right to me somehow! They seem perfectly placed in May and June and the quality is always better in these months. There is something very romantic about the peony flower with masses of delicate petals so it makes a perfect wedding flower. My favourites are the deep burgundy varieties – a beautiful alternative to the more popular pink varieties. Although saying goodbye to peony can seem a little sad, it does mean an influx of exciting new flowers to work with including the magnificent dahlia, a natural successor to the peony’s summer crown!'
Shop manager Sara shares her love for the peonies
Whilst we do say goodbye to peonies we always have a gorgeous collection of beautiful seasonal flowers for nationwide delivery.

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A Fond Goodbye

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